I write code, build products, create teams and more.
I have worked with early stage startups to some of the biggest companies globally,
building apps, platforms and systems that have scaled to hundreds of thousands of users.
Here's some of the things I can help you with:
-> Create your MVP
-> Rapidly add new features to your product
-> Augment your team
-> Guide and upskill your team with new tech and processes to deliver faster with lesser bugs
-> Help you hire your founding tech team
-> Architecture the tech stack for your product

Some of the companies that I have worked with:

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Check out some products I have built and launched used by thousands of users:


A simple GTK application for Linux desktop to control brightness of displays including external displays supporting DDC/CI.

Prism OS

Next gen platform for IoT and embedded developers.


Be productive, grow tomatoes.

Today In Life

Plan your life, not tasks.


Convert web apps into native applications, no electron.


Not much, just internet connected Trashcans.


The RIGHT way of learning

Hi there, visitor!

I love creating impactful products, with an unhealthy obsession towards solving difficult challenges, technical or otherwise. Check out some of my works above or feel free to reach out on the platforms below.